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abundant energy

1000 years


abundant electricity

developed in U.S.A. ~1 decade ago @ T.O.P.

dig a hole, install 2 pipes, water in steam out

that's about it

this would supply steam for the turbines

in all the existing (and now obsolete)

coal, gas and nuclear power plants

we only need steam
(100 degrees near the crust)

very little affect on the molten core
( ~ 7000 km away )

that itself is nuclear

this system is running already
in the U.S.A and many parts ov the world
the U.S.A is currently generating enough
power for 2 Million+  homes @T.O.P.

it's the best, cleanest, abundant energy system we have

countries should be building 2-3 / week

we really really need a clean planet

great energy source for
communes (small generator), farms, remote etc.

plug any surplus into
the grid and recieve income

the latest in:
geothermal has been workd out well and good

the holes are now very deep (ie: some 5 km)

it is now quoted as being 90+ times more efficient than coal

and in time (once we can build the plants) geothermal may well become

the stable, efficient energy solution for many many years

fact is we have an exceedingly hot nuclear core
that is going to stay very hot for some million years or more

this energy is now classified as:


Geothermal Links

this does not negate other systems that may well prove efficient and productive

the desert mirror/heating towers seem very good and productive

so do a few other systems

on wind farming all we can say is BEWARE

in a few hundred years we may well have developed
etheral energy catchment solutions

(drawing power from universal bandwidths and quantum flow streams)


abundant hydrogen / oxygen (fuel)

in short: we're putting the cars on rocket fuel

with abundant electricity we can make

all the hydrogen and oxygen (fuel) we need from the sea

in liquid form (liquid hydrogen & liquid oxygen)

much like LPG

this would power any non-electric
cars, trucks, ships and planes

essentially the same type ov engines
they just run on a very efficient clean new liquid gas (hydrogen & oxygen)

as we understand: most car manufacturers
are already geared to produce hydrogen based engines for cars

although manufacturers have been ready to move to hydrogen since ~2010
we do not have exact details on which types they are concentrating on
or if any standards have been set yet

some designs read about in the media:
(as we best understand - there may be others ie: hydrogen in batteries)

hydrogen gas with air
hydrogen gas with oxygen gas
liquid hydrogen with air (burned as gasses)
liquid hydrogen with liquid oxygen (burned as gasses)

each engine would be watering the planet as the burning produces water
(if air is used other products are produced that use filters to catch)

(most would include some backup fuel/power to bridge those 'out ov gas' moments)

it would be a natural progression to move to liquid
however: at the start it may be highly compressed gas

hydrogen & oxygen together burn extremely clean to form water
and do not combine with nitrogen and other gasses found in normal air

way out west in some years
Daisy's car just may look like something out ov 'Back to the Future'
'filled it up with rocket fuel'
(with a few intermittent busts ov 'gas' and 'vapour')
it is possible


abundant desalinated water / trees

abundant electricity would power

all the desalination plants we need

as ov 2015:
Israel openned their desalination plant
and is pumping 1/2 million+ cubic meters ov water per day into Israel

the filtering technology has been mastered and now pump direct from the sea

(under preasure the water is pumped through fine grade filters
that separate the salt from the water)

California is also moving on the same system to improve their water

also the electricity could power

all the pumps to spray it into the air over the top ov mountains

to add nutrients and reflow the rivers if need be

this means: (with geothermal) irrigated farming anywhere on the planet (like Africa)

we recommend China (or any other country willing to invest) get into Africa
and set up geothermal, desalination & irrigated farming asap

this represents for whole countries food, power, water,
massive employment in the construction ov all this,
massive employment due to the networks involved in running and distribution

and a huge economic boost for all concerned

energy: giga watts from the planet
energy: giga liters from the sea
energy: many many tons ov food growing in the soil

and everything moves

(the man pays you - you pay the man - the man pays you - you pay the man - round & round)


(*everyone prospers, everything thrives)

(this system can be applied anywhere else water, food & power are needed)


ov course the planting ov said trees will also do much to get water flowing

eventually producing rainfall and vegetation (because ov lower ground temperatures)

the carbon neutral policys have resulted in trees being planted in the billions

the moisture already comes past

when the trees have been removed a HOT PLATE forms and

the moisture evaporates more and flows to somewhere else

while many say we don't have enough rain

if we were betting people

we would go 10 to 1 the sea has plenty ov rain

ie. the rain is there

it will fall on the land as more and more trees are replanted


abundant food

all figures based @ time ov publication

we currently grow food for ~10 billion people

current population ~7.3 billion people

over use ov aniumal farming in the west:

ie: america has been feeding 70% ov it's grain production to animal farming

this has caused

current hungry/starving/dying ~1 billion people

current ~1000 per hour dying

the world would need the 720 million average westerners on wages/welfare
to accept 'a little less for so much more'
ie: consider global charity ov at least ~$12.50 / week


(this would feed, clothe, house and educate the 1 billion hungry/starving)

recommended: natures principle is 10% ov all income

a low to medium reduction ov meat production would remedy this discrepency in supply

what concerns many is that many ex animal farmers would need something else to farm

recommended is the inevitable global legalization ov production and sale ov marijuana


this would give the farmers continued income
and would prevent an economic collapse in the farming industry

No.1 herb in EDEN

Genisis 9:3 has some more details on these principles

end ov world hunger


abundant art / prosperity



this is regenrative hyper-art

ie: twist it on photoshop and more art just comes
(in small segemnts that you can crop and blow up)

made 'public domain' to be 'blown up' to 'A4 paste up' or 'hung on walls'

you can take the best / any ov it and prosper like crazy
no obligation - new pieces do need to be altered somewhere or signed has produced
1000+ phantasmic self regenerative art pieces for the world

having the ability to produce more times ~10
this represents everyone as an 'artist'
and/or art dealer
and all comers prosperity

ie. anyone can produce masterpieces to
blow up and hang on walls as art
in as little as 15 minutes

(we may mention here that 15 minutes in the 'hyperdome'
is about all you get 'till meltdown)

time in the hyperdome - that's insane
hell yeah - it's great fun

a person can support third world villages
by producing and/or distributing wall art

third world villages can produce and/or distribute
their own and/or publicdomain productions themselves


full details on

you can see examples ov this art on
(this is the exponential phantasmic energy pyramid ov new earth)

you may care to read what exponential growth does to a reality system on wiki
read about the grain ov rice & the lily pads

Geothermal Energy Association - basics (and diagrams)

Shangrila Times
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ground-reality is now 'new earth' status
utopian energy systems
how we return this planet to a state ov grace (now)
many examples and tips
a quick read to entertain and inform
49 billion trillion new energy channels
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 abundant energy / fuel / water / food / art - 1000 years


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 abundant energy / fuel / water / food / art - 1000 years


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 abundant energy / fuel / water / food / art - 1000 years


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